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White Noise / Personal Project

Dust lies everyhere among buses, rickshaws and countless high-rises. Fine and ubiquitous, in the summertime it is a constant companion to the nearly 15 million inhabitants of the capital city. From the countless brickworks along the outskirts and the building sites the dust commingles with the smoke of burning mounds of garbage and the exhaust of the vehicles, robbing Bangladeshis of air to breath. Due to climate change and rising temperatures the air pollution is getting worse. At the same time the chaos of the megacity offers the chance to get lost in a fairytale
world, full of beauty and breathtaking situations which appear inside the clouds of particles and reveal the life-affirming and reality of the inhabitants.

Published: Financial Times Magazine
Features:   Nannen Preis 2020Emerge-Mag / Fotoroom / Krautreporter / C41